Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

From 1mm plastics to 300mm titanium plates

Our Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

Our Twin Head 3D waterjet is undoubtedly our most versatile and impressive tool, the high pressure tooling can pump up to 2 litres of water per minute through a 0.28mm nozzle.  This creates a fine jet with an extremely high energy density which is perfect for cutting a broad range of materials.  In fact the only thing it can’t cut is diamond and toughened glass!  The Swiss manufactured ByJet Flex 3D 6030 enables us to switch between pure water and water with an added abrasive which allows for flexibility between cutting soft materials such as paper products, sealing materials, plastics, foams, textiles and even food!  Whereas the added abrasive enables the same machine to cut tougher materials such as metal, stone, glass or ceramics. 

We also offer a full design service to ensure your products are tailored to your exact specifications.  Our innovative design technicians can assist with the development of new projects, product and cost improvements to solve your manufacturing challenges.  We can also provide a prototyping service to make your design concepts a reality.   

Check out our photo gallery for examples of our waterjet projects.

Waterjet technology is fast overtaking traditional machining processes, a metal part which would have taken hours to machine cut can be cut in a matter of seconds and to a higher quality finish using 2D and 3D waterjet technology. 

  • No structural changes in the material, such as increased hardness and micro fissures.
  • Ability to adjust cut quality levels.
  • High accuracy and surface quality at the cutting edge.
  • Efficient production when compared to machining.
  • Cold Cutting – Almost no heat input in the component through the cutting jet
  • No pollutants created during the cutting process.

ByJet Flex 3D 6030

Maximum Sheet Size 6000mm x 3000mm
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.05mm/m

Maximum Cutting Thickness

Any metal (steel, stainless, alu, copper etc) 300mm
Stone (marble, granite, quartz, etc) 300mm
Wood 300mm
Glass 300mm
Carbon Composite 300mm
Rubber 300mm
Plastics 300mm
Foam 300mm

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At Proform we can offer a full design service to ensure your products are tailored to your exact specifications, we ensure a seamless transition from design to finished product.  We can also offer a bespoke prototyping service.


At Proform we have combined decades of engineering experience with brand new, market leading Fibre Laser and 3D Waterjet technology.  Our Bystar 6kw Fiber Laser is the first machine of its kind and capacity in the UK. 


We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and superior service to our customers, we hope to build long lasting relationships with our customers and will always go the extra mile.  Have a deadline? Need a Next Day service? We are here to help!


We believe in providing unrivalled quality assurance.  We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest quality products, we have an in house dedicated Quality Assurance department to ensure nothing leaves our production line unless it meets your specifications.   

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